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ARK Property is a boutique London Property Buyers Agent servicing the expatriate community in Asia that seek high growth suburbs and properties with capital appreciation as part of their retirement strategy.

At ARK Property we have worked closely over many years with expatriate clients throughout Asia. Each search is bespoke, taking into account the lack of availability to view and most clients are not up to date with London property growth areas or purchasing practices. Our clients need help in sourcing lawyers, financiers, tradespeople and arranging property managers.

London Real Estate Agents prefer dealing with Buying Agents as they are reassured clients are focused and in a position to proceed. They understand that any purchase will be managed professionally through us and the buyer themselves feel secure they're identity and involvement remains impartial and private during search and negotiations.

You will get the very best advice and service on what to buy and more importantly...what not to buy. We do not to sell properties...we buy them.

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