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ARK Property (International) Limited was founded in March 2011, when Founder and Managing Partner Alan Clarke saw an opportunity to create a truly independent property consultancy company.

From an idea to implementation the pace of ARK Property’s success has been striking as the ambition of its founder to make it the leading independent search and acquisition property services consultancy in Asia.

ARK Property has a strong team of handpicked consultants from across the industry for their depth of experience, specialist insight, valuable network of contacts and proven negotiation skills.

Collectively, we have accumulated more than thirty years’ experience in the dynamic London, Hong Kong & Asian property markets, encompassing a range of very different market conditions.

It is this rare combination of talent that underpins ARK Property’s success in meeting the high expectations of clients and gives us the critical edge in the highly competitive property search process.

For more information about how we can assist you please contact us:

T: +852 2892 7318


We would be delighted to hear from you.

Should you wish to arrange for a non obligatory consultation, please contact us:

Tel: +852 2892 7318

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Contact us !

  • user_white ARK Property Ltd
  • Level 8, Two Exchange Square,
    8 Connaught Place, Central
    Hong Kong
  • speech_white Tel. +852 2297 2360 (HK)
  • mail_white E-mail:
  • skype_white Skype: info.arkproperty
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